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Idea: ultimate secrets to saltwater fish and invertebrates

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Saltwater Aquarium Advice-

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Discover Scientist's Secrets to Thriving Saltwater Aquariums

Did you know that 90% of new saltwater aquarium owners don't last more than 2
years in the hobby mostly because of making expensive, fatal mistakes?

Saltwater Aquarium Advice: Bicolor Dwarf Angelfish
AndrejBrummer Hi I'm Andrej, the Saltwater Scientist. I am a biologist,
renowned marine aquarium author and total reef geek.

On this site I offer saltwater aquarium advice to anyone interested in
the marine aquarium hobby.

If you're sick and tired of troubleshooting problems and spending
countless hours on different websites and books telling you
conflicting, confusing saltwater aquarium opinions and don't know where
to turn, you are not alone.

Get Saltwater Aquarium Advice Today:

9 Free Tools For Thriving Marine Life In Your Saltwater Aquarium

Saltwater Aquarium Advice 9 Free Tools- Saltwater Aquarium
Advice Pajama (Sixline) Wrasse

I have helped thousands of people all around the world get their
saltwater tanks thriving.

I'm a trained biologist who studied marine biology and even I made
nasty mistakes that resulted in many dollars wasted, dead fish and
corals turning to slime!

Saltwater Aquarium Advice 9 Free Tools-

Here are some of the things you'll learn:

Exactly how to simulate the ocean: The 4 crucial physical
conditions of the natural coral reef environment.

How to avoid the 10 most common marine-life-killing pitfalls

How to choose the RIGHT marine fish or invertebrate for your system

How to avoid those specimens you will regret in the future

Specific steps to creating fantastic, pristine quality water that
will have your marine pets not only surviving but thriving!

My saltwater aquarium advice scientists' secrets to highly efficient
and easy saltwater aquarium maintenance that will ensure your marine
life support system is working at it's best

How to identify and minimize stress in its many forms in your
saltwater aquarium. Stress is the number one killer of captive marine
fish and invertebrates

What it takes to provide a correct diet for your marine life so
colors are more vivid, activity levels are higher and your marine pets
live longer.

Saltwater Aquarium Advice 9 Free Tools-

What People Are Saying...

"Andrej, you seem to have all the answers, how long have you actually
been studying this stuff?!? Im studying marine biology and you give me
as much advice as my teacher does! Thanks, you're a tank saver."
Chelsey, USA

"Hey Andrej I just wanted to say that your articles are fabulous. It's
like getting daily nuggets of aquatic reminders. People probably don't
take the time to tell you how great these are so I thought I'd say
Adam Blundell; marine biologist and saltwater aquarium author, Utah,

"Your material would have to be the definitive resource I would turn to
for all current and future questions related to the husbandry of my
saltwater aquarium. Your ebook would especially be GREAT material for a
person just starting into the saltwater field."
Alan P.

"A truly outstanding read for anyone who has or is considering a marine
tank. Clear, concise and very informative covering everything from the
basic setup of a quarantine tank to managing a delicate reef tank and
everything in between. Well worth the price."
Amazon customer

"Just like to say a quick thank you for the email newsletters, I have
learnt so much in such a short time! My corals are looking stunning
now. Thank you so much!"
Sean Wilkinson, USA

"This is my second try at keeping a marine aquarium. This first was
about 10 years ago and I did not have great success. This time around
it is much better, many thanks to your site and book, which are VERY
informative and I appreciate it. "
Richard Burton, Toronto, Canada

"We choose your products because we want all the best advice and help
we can get, because as pensioners a saltwater aquarium is quite a big
undertaking, but our only hobby and we love it. Thanks so much once
Sheila Stocker

"This is a well-written, easy to follow book for anyone thinking about
setting up a saltwater aquarium. The information contained in this book
is invaluable! It is a must read if you are setting up or are new to
Christopher J Scangarello

"I just purchase your ebook and am enjoying it tremendously. We have...
decided to add a saltwater FOWLR."
Jan Duckerman

"I have learned a lot from the book, and am still reading the second
time around. Thanks heaps."
Michael Hugo
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